Rules of the Ride

Lone Star Randonneurs Rules for Riders 

1.  Read and understand RUSA Rules For Riders. You will be required to sign that you have read, understand and intend to obey these rules before your Brevet card is issued.   

 2. LoneStar requires all riders to declare a specific distance and route before the start of the event. All accompanying paperwork (waivers, registration, etc) must be properly filled out.  Failure to complete the required paperwork will result in disqualification.  Remember, it is your responsibility to have your brevet card properly completed at each control point.  An improperly completed brevet card will result in disqualification from the event.  If you are just looking for a training ride and are unwilling to stop at controls or carry a brevet card, we ask you that you respect our event by training somewhere else. 

3. Pay any and all fees associated with the Brevet.  As of Feb 1st, 2016 anyone that would like to ride an LSR Brevet will have to be a current RUSA member, or pay a $10 per day fee, if fee is not paid the rider will not be allowed to attend any further LSR Brevets.

4. Be polite to the sag, volunteers and fellow riders, and convenience store attendants. This is not a race and there is no prize money.  Helping a fellow rider to finish will make you feel better than beating them to the finish.  It is usual to thank the sag and express your appreciation for them, not make demands from them. See rule 6.

5. As per RUSA Rules for Riders, Article 15, any complaints, requested corrections, comments or constructive criticism must be directed to the Regional Brevet Administrator (Dan Driscoll dansmark at in writing within 48 hours of the event. We are human and not above mistakes.  We welcome your comments and feedback as a way to continually improve our Brevet series.

6.  The spirit of randonneuring emphasizes self sufficiency. Personal sag vehicles are strongly discouraged and can only be used in certain situations explicitly defined in RUSA Rules For Riders. We almost always supply neutral sag, but prefer that you become less and less dependant on it especially if you plan to do a 1200k event. 

7.  Any rider who is determined by the RBA to threaten the safety and/or harmony of the Brevets by flagrantly or consistently violating the Lone Star Rules for Riders will be immediately disqualified from the event and banned from participating in future events.