Hound Dog – 1,200k in September 2019


September 28, 2019, Greenville, TX

Below are the RWGPS files for the routes:

Hound Doggers if you have a GPS tracker, we hope you’ll add yourself to this Spotwalla tracking map.
The Hound Dawg 1200k invites you to test yourself and explore 750 miles of north/east Texas and southern Oklahoma.  The event begins Saturday, September 28th, 2019 in Greenville, Texas. A great first 1,200 km event for riders leery of being stranded much more than about 100 miles from a hotel.

The Hound Dawg 1200k is intended as an unpretentious event allowing cyclists to cover 1200k with minimal investment.  The route consists of 4 loops/out-and-backs from a central hotel, and does not require drop bags.  This is not the same event as The Texas Rando Stampede, which is fully supported.  The hub of the routes is Greenville, Texas, located east of Dallas on Interstate 30.

All of the elevation gain is in relatively short rolling hills; there are no major climbs on this route. Wind will frequently be a larger factor than any climbing.

Starting at the same time, there will be an ACP 1,000k route consisting of Days 1-3 of the 1200k, with minor adjustments as required to hold the required distance.  Additionally, ACP routes of 200, 300, 400 and 600k will be available.  We anticipate that Days 2, 3 and 4 will be available as stand-alone permanent routes.  In the event that any riders DNF early in the 1,200k, they don’t have to cut their vacation plans short and can continue to collect RUSA ks.

Organization of the 1,200k is similar to local brevets.  In the spirit of randonneuring, riders are expected to be self-sufficient, and there will not be sag or mechanic service. Control points and supply points are at local convenience stores or restaurants spaced reasonably closely along the route.

While riders are allowed to ride straight-through if desired, it’s discouraged, as many of the controls used are not open 24 hours, and riders using a schedule other than the standard 4-day schedule may encounter long sections of route without services during late night hours.

Cost of the 1,200 km only buys you a Q-sheet Cost of lodging and transportation is not included.  Riders will need to make their own motel reservations and travel arrangements.

Rider limit Currently 40. Slots will be on a first come first serve basis.

Services: There are numerous restaurants, convenience stores and grocery stores in Greenville, but the routes used into and out of town bypass many of these stores.  Riders are encouraged to stock their rooms with food needed for overnight stays in advance.  There is a 24-hour Super Walmart at the junction of I-30 and Hwy 34 and additional grocery stores farther north in town.

Roads As currently planned, all roads are paved.  It is always possible that temporary road work or last-minute detours will involve a limited amount of gravel roads, and riders should be prepared for varying road conditions.  Some of the county roads, while paved, may be fairly rough.  Also, Texas is noted for use of chip-seal surfacing, with resulting textures ranging from smooth to rough to very-rough.  Use of wider tires, lower pressures, and frames chosen for comfort rather than speed, may help considerably in dealing with these roads.

Gear: We recommend riders have Camelbaks, winter gear, rain gear, etc., available in their hotel rooms or on their bikes as needed. It’s impossible to predict what the weather will be.

Night Gear All riders are required to have a working headlight with a spare headlight (spare need not be mounted); working taillight with a spare taillight; and reflective gear (reflective jersey and ankle bands).   See the RUSA website for recommendations on reflective gear.  Bicycles may be subject to inspection prior to the start of the ride.

Cell Phone Service:  Service varies in the ride areas.  Cell phone signals and data are available in the majority of the route, but may not be available at all locations.

Volunteers: Lone Star Randonneurs does not plan to have any volunteers on hand, except the host who will also be riding and will only be available to handout paperwork at the start.

Host hotel: Will be announced as soon as a group size can be determined and a group rate negotiated.

Ride Start: All brevets will start at the Best Western Plus Monica Royale Inn & Suites, Greenville, TX, while intermediate and final controls will be at or near host hotel.  Early morning, exact time pending, on Saturday, September 28th, 2019

Transportation:  Riders are responsible for arranging their own transportation.  Nearest major airports are Love Field (Dallas, 60 miles) and DFW International Airport (Dallas/Fort Worth, 70 miles). Uber, Lyft, Taxi Cab or rent car are all possibilities.

Bike Shops/Mechanic:  None in Greenville.  Nearest bike shop to the ride start is in Rockwall.  Numerous other bike shops are in Dallas and surrounding suburbs.

General Notes: 

  • Rider Qualifications: No requirements
  • ACP 1,000k, 600k, 400k, 300k, 200k- Lone Star Randonneurs membership only, no ride fee.
  • All riders must agree to RUSA and LSR Rules and sign a waiver.
  • T-Shirts, Jerseys, Finisher’s Medals, Souvenirs: We are working on a finishers medal and may work on a jersey 
  • Riders may purchase RM 1,200 km medals from RUSA.
  • Pre & Post-Ride meals – to be arranged; none are included in the ride fees above.
  • RUSA membership is required


Questions, sign up, payment, interest list:  Dan Driscoll, dandriscoll1@me.com

Ride host:  Stephen Hazelton, stephenhazelton@yahoo.com

 Cost for Hound Dawg 1,200 km:

  • Paid before February 1st – $20 plus $25 for Lone Star Randonneurs membership
  • Paid February 2nd to May 31st – $35 plus $25 for Lone Star Randonneurs membership
  • Paid June 1st and later – $55 plus $25 for Lone Star Randonneurs membership
  • To reiterate, your LSR membership only buys you a Q-Sheet for this and all other LSR events, except our 1,200 kms. LSR membership is good for 2019 and the rest of 2018, so no reason not to get that done and enjoy as many Brevets as you can find time to do before the end of the year.
  • Although we will not be doing refunds, if you find you will not be able to make it, please let us know so we can open up that spot for someone else, earlier the better.

All payments should be mailed to:

Lone Star Randonneurs, c/o Dan Driscoll, 2811 Hollywood Drive, Arlington, TX  76013.

OR you may email scanned copy and or photos to dandriscoll1@me.com and PayPal to dansmark@flash.net

Here is the Hound Dog 1,200 km riders list of interested riders.